Donnie's Tips & Tricks

You have your Honey... Now what about the Money?

It is a common mistake for a newly engaged couple to think they can move through the planning process with an open-ended budget, but that is a recipe for a financial disaster! Make a list of the things most importaint to you and your groom on wedding day. Then when it comes time to allocate money for catering, decore, the venue,ect., you can spend according to your listed priorities.

Kids will be Kids

Unless specified, you will undoubtedly have children at the reception. A kiddie's table with coloring books, crayons, and lolipop center piece will keep them busy. The more occupied the kiddos are the less pressure your guest will feel to leave.

Music to Set the Mood

For a quiet, elegant affair, consider a jazz ensemble. If you want you and your guest to dance the night away, a rock band or DJ is more appropriate.

Bridesmaids Dress

When choosing a dress for your bridesmaids, length is critical. If the wedding is formal a full-lenght dress is required. For an afternoon, beach, or casual wedding tea length is more appropriate.

Fine Print

As with any contract, do not expect verbal agreements or casually mentioned preferences to be contractual.